Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Launch Pad Gallery - Dreams Show

Well the show went really well. There were about 300 people there while we were there. My painting hasn't sold yet but it's still up for the month so who knows? My hubby and I went in today to see the installation without all the people milling around. There are some really great things in this show! I met the gallery owner again, Ben Pink, and he is really great, very encouraging. He thought my faeries were very soft. I think that's what makes them a little different than other faerie art because I often find faeries that are overly sexy and somewhat cartoonish. I'm trying to hit somewhere between fantasy and reality. 
I just sold a set of five cards on ETSy to a lady in Ireland. IT's my first sale on ETSY.  I was about to give up on them too! I'm very excited about this one!

My friend with the hole in the wall gallery, Gallery One is putting together a gift shop from now until Christmas so I'll have a place to put my work for a couple of months. ( I really need to make her a web site!)

In the future I am going to try and participate in more group shows. The Launch Pad is having a huge one in February with a love theme. The theme's are fun because they challenge me to think of something unique. There is one coming up where people are painting on refrigerators with the theme of hunger. I have some ideas about hunger, but I've never really painted with anything but watercolor and that won't stick! I'll keep you posted on that one!