Sunday, September 21, 2008

Launch Pad Gallery - Dreams

I finally finished my painting for the Dreams Open Art Show. Here is a link to the show's information: Launch Pad Gallery. There are 100 applicants showing one painting each. I am so excited to have that many other artists see my work! I hope you like it too. This is the first big 18 X 22" painting. The paintings are all about dreams. So this is my "Faerie Dreams."

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just sold this original to a lady that saw it at my hole in the wall gallery show last month. She also bought Rhiannon and two animal prints by my brother. She said she'd buy Banba when she got paid again and I guess she meant it! It's so exciting to have people want my work in their homes, especially women who want my goddesses. I paint them because they give me strength and I hope they will do that for others who see them.

Banba is at the center of Irish Mythology as the Earth Mother, representing the spirit of Ireland, and was the wife of King MacCuill. She was thought to be the first settler in Ireland. She is part of a trinity of goddesses: she, Eriu, and Fodla. Banba is a poetic name for Ireland. Banba also protected the land from invaders. She has long been my alias and screen name on line, hence Banba's Artful Realm. I have always felt she has protected me and given me strength. I also drew her as a child.
Young Banba