Friday, August 8, 2008

The Show was Great!

I had a great time at Macapolooza! I sold two framed prints, one matted print and two cards. I know it's not a lot but it's just so validating! It was a benefit for Boy's and Girls Aid Society. they area group who places kids for adoption and works with run away teens. They were originally founded to help find homes for orphans arriving from the wagon trains on the Oregon Trail! My sweet hubby worked for them as a mental health therapist for many years before we started our own companies. So he volunteered to work the door. It was really fun to seeing him check IDs. We got a nice gift certificate for the restaurant for that. Here's what I sold.
Tomorrow night I'll be showing my stuff at my friend's hole in the wall gallery, Gallery One Corbett. I helped her do her last show and it was basically a big party with people buying art and jewelry. We advertized by word of mouth and fliers. Iam excited to have my art included this time!