Monday, August 18, 2008

Barack Is Irish!

Barack Obamba's mom was Irish.  Why does this matter? Because I am Irish, JFK was Irish, the Beatles were Irish (except Ringo), U2 are Irish, most of Austrailia and New Zealand are Irish, Van Morrison is Irish, James Joyce was Irish, George Washington was Irish, William Howard Taft was Irish, Warren G Harding was Irish, Harry S. Truman was Irish, Jimmy Carter was Irish, Gene Kelley was Irish, Henry Ford was Irish, Walt Disney was Irish, Diamond Jim Brady was Irish, Ron Howard is Irish, John Houston was Irish, Jim Carey is Irish, Michael Moore is Irish, Nellie Bly was Irish, Phil Donahue is Irish, just about all of the talking heads on Fox are Irish, Billie the Kid was Irish, Kristine Mc Auliffe was Irish, at least 23 former US presidents were Irish, most importantly, I am Irish and so is Barack Obama!
 You can find a glicee quality print of this watercolor by me, 8" x 1 0" in a 11" by 14" mat on Ebay for $30.00 or email me at: I'll sell you one directly for $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. I have a glicee quality printer ( 8 ink jets!) and cut my own mats. I like to sign my prints rather than print the signature. It's really hard to tell the prints from the originals. $2.00 from every print sold goes directly to Barack's campaign fund.

1 comment: said...

cool & informative site, but m not Irish ;p. hope we're still friends right? pls. do keep on connecting!
cheers from faces of borneo.