Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Goddess Amaterasu

Amaterasu, goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology, was a beautiful and compassionate goddess who ruled both the sun and the heavenly fields of rice that fed the Japanese people. I used my son's beautiful girlfriend, Yasasha, as a model because she seems so much like this goddess. Her mother who grew up on Okanawa, graciously wrote Amaterasu in calligraphy for me to paint onto her Kimono.


Pao Mateo said...

wow..what a great start on your series and blog! :) truly a beauty! :) congrats! yay!

p.s. your son is lucky to have a pretty girlfriend ;p

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane said...

wow...what a beautiful painting!

Gail Alexander said...

I really like your use of complimentary colors in this painting. She looks like a very happy goddess with the vivid colors.