Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Animal Art

My brother created these pen and ink drawings fifteen years ago. There are more in the set, I just haven't scanned them yet. I tried to photograph them but they didn't come out well so today I will buy yet another tech device, a scanner. I am starting an art card business here in Portland, so I'm going to print out the set of ten. I bought these from him years ago to put on T-shirts when I was a silk screener. I never did though. I think they'll make great cards.
Here is a cool horse that I used the camera to capture. As you can see it added pink. I did download a 30 day trial of photo shop, but am just learning how to use it.


citrine said...


Those are great drawings! I think the scanner will work out much better than taking photos. I'd only try photos if the artwork didn't fit the scanner bed.

As for software, which Photoshop version are you going for?

Ed said...

Nice drawings!
Grace and Peace,

Nichi said...

oooh! wonderful drawings...
you make me jealous!
and so does your brother.

sheesh. I wish I was that good.