Thursday, April 4, 2013

Celtic Hoop Earrings

About ten years ago I decided I wanted to make my own style of hoop earrings. So I experimented with different gauges of sterling silver wire. I finally settled on 22 gauge half hard wire. I like to put a swirl at the top instead of a loop to add a Celtic feel that harkens back to the old Irish stone works and metal works of long ago.
Here are some examples:

Purple and clear crystals with small swirl.

Hematite hoops with extra loop to attach a center piece.

Coral chips with pewter beads with larger swirls at the top.
I recently discovered nylon tipped pliers which really help to make the swirls without nicking the wire. I give them a gentle pounding with a flat hammer and tiny anvil. Good luck with your projects. For more of my jewelry visit me on Etsy: