Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clieto from Atlantis

The story of the Isle of Atlantis was written by Plato though the story was handed down by orators that came before him. In the story, the rulers of Atlantis sought to rule over all other civilizations, but were defeated by the Athenians. Atlantis was said to be inhabited by gods and ruled by Poseidon. He took a mortal woman, Cleito for a wife. Soon other men took mortal women as their wives and no longer followed the laws of the Gods. Zeus condemned them for that and then they suffered earthquakes and floods which caused the island to sink into the sea.

 I drew Cleito in blue with sea weed and pearls to represent the sea. She was just something from my sketch book but she intrigued me, so I decided to paint her in. 

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Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Neat blog and pretty jewelry. I'm doing research on Clieto for a mystery novel I'm writing and found your site. Might just have to order a piece of your jewelry!